Christoph Ludwig

SV Judge & Körmeister – All Males

Herr Ludwig hails from the German town of Gemmerich located, about 50 miles from the city of Bonn in the province of Rheinland Pfalz (the Rheinland Palatinate). He has been a member of the SV since 1985 and became a Breed Judge in 2005 and a Körmeister in 2010. He is also the Breed Warden of LG 19 Rheinland-Pfalz.  Herr Ludwig has judged all over the world and judged at the 2017 German Sieger Show in Ulm.

His kennel, von der Zenteiche was established in 1972 and is one of the most famous in the world from which many VA dogs have been bred, including the 2008 Siegerin VA1 Lana von der Zenteiche, 2011 VA3 Zara von der Zenteich, 2002 VA5 Xana von der Zenteich and VA Leo von der Zenteiche (also Belgian a Dutch Sieger), plus many other fine dogs. Herr Ludwig has become one of the most respected and successful breeders of German Shepherds in the world.

We are pleased to have Herr Ludwig as one of our judges at the GSDCA Sieger Show and hope he enjoys his stay.

Dirk Gabriel

SV Judge & Körmeister – All Females

I`m 53 years old and our patchwork family has far too many legs Wife, Kids some dogs and 2 horses.

I live in Heppenheim which is close to Frankfurt / Main.

I work as a Sales Director for 7 Billion Dollar stock listed company.
In 1980 I started doing dog sports at the age of 15 with IPO competitions. Already in my first year I became second at the South German Youth competition which at that point in time was the highest youth competition.

I was an IPO helper for 25 years.

In 1986 I registered my Kennel name `vom Quartier Latin` until today I bred about 50 litters.

I owned a number of top ten Sieger Schau dogs and was acting as a handler for a number of VA dogs like Nero vom Hirschel, Cimbo Burg Reichenstein, Orna von der Steinhägerquelle and so on.

Quite a number of dogs bred by me went to the top 30 on German Sieger Show, Filou Xenon, Lukas, Maffey who became also Sieger in the US.
I became a conformation judge in 2006 and a Körmeister in 2012
In 2015 I had already the honor to judge the Junghundklasse Rüden at the German Sieger Show.

Meanwhile I judged already quite some Sieger Shows in various countries across the globe.

dirk gabriel.jpg