Available Handlers

If you are available to handle a dog during the 2018 Sieger Show, please fill out the form below and your information will be posted below.

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THOMAS SCHODER - (360) 305-0291 - schoder.thomas@gmail.coM

Classes Available: Please call text or email for availability.

Have been handling dogs for 30+ years.

Christopher Breaux - (773) 550-5227 - chris.breaux19@gmail.com

Classes Available: All classes except 9 - 12 puppy males

I have successfully shown GSD's in both breed rings, German & American . Proper presentation is necessary to show a dog off to its full advantage.

Shannon O'Donovan - (530) 906-9070 - K9dando@yahoo.com

Classes Available: Please email me

I've been handling pretty much my whole life , I love what I do :) vom Zwillingshaus

Staci Murphy - (724) 344-3683 - vommoorweg@gmail.com

Classes Available: Most stock classes and a few long coat classes available.

I've been handling in the show ring since 2002. Handled at both the US and Canadian Sieger Shows.

Shahbaz Khan - (914) 330-6838 - Shahbaz377@hotmail.com

Classes Available: 3 to 6 month stock coat and long hair male, 6 to 9 female, stock and long hair 12 to 18 female, 18 to 24 Male stock and long hair, working female stock and long hair.

Been showing and handling over 15 years.

Joe Rotolo - (416) 407-7915 - Joerotolo@rogers.com

Classes Available: I will confirm your request, classes are currently being booked

Handled gsd over 25 years, SV shows

Carlos Huerta - (815) 275-5533 - crhuerta@aol.com

Classes Available: MANY classes available!

Team Huerta Hof is always ready to assist you in presenting your dog in a professional, competitive exhibition. We work hard to get your dog, the best placement possible.

Dennie Timman - (843) 861-1964 - Info@vonjuvenisty.com

Classes Available: All classes available at the moment

I handle every year at the german siegershow. I have together with my wife kennel von juvenisty www.vonjuvenisty.com

Caryn Carson - (724) 991-5351 - carynazure@gmail.com

Classes Available: Contact for availability


From Pittsburgh, PA. I've been handling for 3 years and love it!

Debby Timman - (843) 861-1964 - Info@vonjuvenisty.com

Classes Available: All classes available at this moment

Handle every year at the german siegershow. I have together with my husband kennel von juvenisty www.vonjuvenisty.com the phone number is from my friend called Tracy mitchell